Entre Pós-Verdades e Acontecimentos

Group Show

Frestas Trienal 2017: Entre Pós-Verdades e Acontecimentos

Georges Rousse exposes 6 works in Frestas, Trienal de Artes 2017 on big format aquapapers prints.

« This edition of Frestas associate the name of the event to the notion of interstice : the space between an overdose of sensibility and creative and transformative power, where ambiguity and imprecision in concepts, shapes and models are explored in a critical and poetic way. Whereas life in the cities seem to be diminished to numbers in homogenous setups made of malls, conglomeration and condos, we are promoting here the maxim : « to create is to resist » including the pratice of arts and its fruits as the unique way proposing a liberation from the exhalarating context of production, competitivity, surveillance and spectalarization of life .


The participating artists in this exhibition are from different nationalities, generations and language. their works bring questions on ambiguity of shape ; transdisciplinarity ; temporality ; performance ; gender and sexuality ; social and artistic critic. More than the half of the projects are original, unpublished and comminsioned. They will occupy all the central building but also beyond its walls, in the public streets, other institutions, shops and historical ruins, creating a tour of enriching aesthetic experiences between SESC and the city. »

Daniela Labra, Independent curator and art critic.

Trienal de Artes
SESC Sorocaba

2nd edition
from august 12th to december 3rd, 2017

Sesc Sorocaba
rua Barão de Piratininga, 555
Jardim Faculdade
SP 18030-160

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Trienal de Artes
SESC Sorocaba

from 12 August
to 3 December 2017

August 11th, 2017