Solo exhibition and In-situ installation

Cannes is delighted and proud to host this contemporary artist in Fort Royal on Ile Sainte-Marguerite, where his appropriation of this superb site will increase public awareness of our architectural heritage.

Is the art of the ephemeral an art like any other? Indeed it is. Perhaps the ephemeral is even the essence of art, precisely because of its temporal fragility, its instinctive inspiration, and its vital urgency.

Georges Rousse’s entire output shows the importance of this art of the ephemeral. From Venice to Sydney, and from Japan to the United States and Latin America, his artwork has been applauded and honored with the most prestigious international awards.

By revisiting spaces through words suspended in air, geographic forms, and fragments of sentences, Georges Rousse deconstructs reality to rebuild a parallel universe, similar in a sense and yet so different by its modified perspectives and the poetics that emanates from it. From this new world, these almost dreamlike creations, all that will remain will be the photographs and the memory of visitors.

According to the great American painter Roy Lichtenstein, « Art doesn’t transform; it just plain forms ». What better description could there be of the work of Georges Rousse? He is an extraordinary artist who takes hold of time and space and merges them to create the paradox of a work of art that disappears and yet remains unforgettable.

Bernard BrochandDeputy Mayor of Cannes

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from 6 July
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July 5th, 2013