Rising Circles


❝Sharing a poetic moment ❞

❝ At 75, with hundreds of quadrature installations to his credit, Georges Rousse never ceases to amaze. As architect, draughtsman, visual artist and photographer, he has mastered every aspect of the construction of his photographic work. At our invitation during the summer of 2023, Georges Rousse allowed himself to be inspired by the spaces of the Hangar and conjured a yellow circle, like a sun.
When the sun rises at the Hangar, it is echoed by a series of concentric circles. We have actually opted to present a retrospective of Georges Rousse’s ‘circles’ alongside this in situ work. The Rising Circles exhibition looks back over dozens of years of work on this highly symbolic form.

❝ Ceci n’est pas un soleil ❞ [This is not a sun] might have been written by René Magritte. Everyone has their own interpretation of these circles, balls of fire, circles and so on.
The impression at the Hangar was of one a great wave of heat that radiated throughout our space. When you meet Georges Rousse, you come away with a remembrance of the magic of a shared moment. A moment filled with poetry and human warmth... The photograph of his “Bruxelles 2023” installation leaves an indelible imprint. Georges Rousse has thereby offered us a testimonial of the power of his work. And this is not an illusion.❞

Delphine Dumont
Hangar director

Rising Circles

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Rising Circles

September 2023

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