Georges Rousse




  • Georges Rousse, Spaces Collector

    Personnal Exhibition
    Campredon Art Center, Isle-sur-La Sorgue
    October 24th - February 6th info

  • In Praise of Spaces

    Personal Exhibition
    Sous les étoiles Gallery, New York City (USA)
    September 17th - November 28th info

  • Screens

    in-situ Installation
    Conciergerie (National Monuments Center), Paris
    September 4th - January 10th, 2016 info

  • Alt+1000

    Personal Exhibition and in-situ Installation
    Photography Festival, Alt+ 1000, Rossinière (Switzerland)
    July 12th - September 21rst info

  • RAY 2015 - International Photography Triennale

    Designhaus, Darmstadt (Germany)
    June 25th - September 30th info


    Personal Exhibition and in-situ Installation
    Guise Familistere, Guise
    May 12th - September 21rst info

  • Georges Rousse

    Personal Exhibition
    Le Cellier - Art Center, Reims
    April 4th - June 14th info


  • Between Me and Them - An Hommage to Catherine Putman

    Putman Gallery, Paris
    November 14th - January 16th, 2016 info

  • 25th Anniversary of the Mediterranean Center for Photographie's Collection

    Bastia Museum, Bastia
    October 23rd - December 17th

  • My Samaritaine

    La Samaritaine, Paris
    October 17th - December 20th info

  • 90° - Urban Geometries

    CDAC of Seine-Saint-Denis, Bagnolet
    October 10th - November 28th

  • Parenthesis

    Raymond VI Gardens, Toulouse
    September 4th - October 24th

  • Obras de Collección (Collection Works)

    Centro Galeco de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago de Compostela, (Spain)
    July 15th - October 15th

  • Ensembles, Photography - When M.E.P. collects

    International Photography Meeting, Arles
    July 6th - August 30th info

  • Eppur si Muove - Art and Technique, a Shared Space

    MUDAM, Luxemburg
    July 9th - January 17th, 2016 info

  • Photographs : 50 years of an Iconic Collection

    Reattu Museum, Arles
    July 4th - January 3rd, 2016

  • Free Figuration

    Paul Valery Museum, Sete
    July 3rd - November 15th

  • Love, Death, the Devil - A Peculiar Collection

    Hospices Gallery, Limoges
    June 18th - October 18th

  • Philippe Piguet's Collection : A Passion for Art

    Salomon Fundation
    The Abbey, Contemporary Art Space, Annecy-le-Vieux
    May 23rd - August 2nd

  • Shapes of the Void

    Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Strasbourg
    April 11th - June 28th

  • Overview of the Collections

    Museum of Art, Toulon
    March 28th - September 30th info

  • Collective IV

    Art Bärtschi & Cie, Geneva (Switzerland)
    March 19th - July 11th info

  • Opus : Monumental Architecture and Heritage

    Reattu Museum Collections, Arles
    February 7th - May 31rst info

  • Bordeaux, Moon's Harbour

    Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka (Japan)
    January 31rst - March 29th

    National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo (Japan)
    June 23rd - September 23rd info

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  • Matsushima - Paris - Santiago

    Personal Exhibition
    Catherine Putman Gallery, Paris
    November 15th - January 10th 2015 info

  • Stars - Circles - Squares / New Photographs

    Personal Exhibition
    Springer Gallery, Berlin (Germany)
    October 16th - January 10th 2015 info

  • Faro y Faro

    Personal exhibition and In-situ installations
    Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico D.F. (Mexique)

    Faro de Oriente, Mexico D.F. (Mexique)
    October 16th - December 30th info

  • Space(s) : Poetic Metamorphoses

    Personal Exhibtion and In-situ installation
    Submarine Pen, Bordeaux
    September 12th - December 14th info

  • Fire, Red and Black

    Personal Exhibition and In-situ installation
    Le Creux de l’Enfer, Thiers
    June 3rd - September 14th info

  • Shared Utopias

    Personal Exhibition and in-situ Installation, Catalogue
    Le Plateau - Rhone-Alpes Region Building, Lyon
    April 4th - July 26th info


  • Portraits

    RX Gallery, Paris
    November 6th - January 10th, 2015

  • From Stone to Screen : A Printed Track - Studio Franck Bordas

    Center for the Engraving and the Printed Image, La Louvière (Belgium)
    October 4th - January 11th, 2015 info

  • Paris Scope and Out of Scope / Contemporary Photographs and videos

    Gallery of the Ville de Paris' Libraries, Paris
    September 26th - January 4th, 2015 info

  • (Un)real: Abstraction in Contemporary Photography

    Maddox Gallery, London (United-Kingdom)
    September 25th - October 28th info

  • Inventory Volume 4 / 1988-1991

    FRAC Haute Normandie, Rouen
    September 28th - November 30th

  • The Surveyor

    Art and Archeology Museum, Aurillac
    July 4th - October 31rst info

  • Collective 3

    Galerie Bärtschi, Geneva (Switzerland)
    July 1rst - September 5th info

  • Collection 5

    Claire Gastaud Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand
    June 21rst - September 21rst

  • A Circle is only a Dilated Point

    In Extremis, Strasbourg
    May 16 - June 21rst

    ISBA, Besançon
    September 29th - October 28th info

  • The Exhibition of Great East Japan Earthquake

    Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo (Japan)
    March 9th - 31rst info

  • Procession, A Story within the Exhibition

    CAPC, Bordeaux
    March 5th -  January 15th info

  • France : A Photographic Portrait

    Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing (China)
    January 27th - February 28th

  • Architecture(s)

    Artothèque, Vitré
    January 25th - March 9th info

  • To live here (...) - Les Abattoirs' Collection

    FRAC Midi-Pyrenees, Grenade
    January 11th - February 27th info

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  • Mediterraneo

    Personal exhibition and in-situ Installation
    Sea Museum, Ile-Sainte-Marguerite (Cannes)
    July 6th - September 30th info

  • Georges Rousse

    Personal Exhibition
    Opelvillen Museum, Rüsselsheim (Germany)
    July 3rd - October 27th info

  • Anamorphose(s)

    Personal exhibition and in-situ Installation
    Visitation's Chapel, Thonon-les-Bains,
    June 7th - October 6th info

  • Space, Fiction and Photography

    Personal Exhibition
    Hangaram Museum - Seoul Arts Center, Seoul (Corea)
    April 16th - May 29th info

  • Northern Star

    Personal Exhibition
    Zabert Gallery, Torino (Italy)
    April 11th - June 1rst info

  • Miyagi Art Project

    Personal Exhibition
    Cafe Loin, Matsushima (Japan)
    April 3rd - May 26th info

  • Photographs and Drawings

    Personal Exhibition
    Temps Present Gallery, La Chapelle-sur-Erdre
    January 5th - February 24th


  • Review Reattu - New Display

    Réattu Museum, Arles
    Since December 7th, 2013

  • Digigraphy

    Maison Européenne de la Photographie (European House for Photography), Paris
    December 4th - January 5th 2014 info

  • First Choice

    Springer Gallery, Berlin (Germany)
    November 30th - December 14th info

  • France : A Photographic Portrait

    Photographic Art Exhibition, Beijing (China)
    Curator : Alain Sayag
    November 7th - December 15th

  • La Grande Magia - Unicredit Collection's Works Selection

    Museum of Modern Arts, Bologna (Italy)
    October 20th - February 16th, 2014 info

  • Florence and Daniel Guerlain's Donation

    Museum of Modern Art - Pompidou Center, Paris
    October 16th - March 31rst, 2014 info

  • Now and then - The first five countries of the ECB's exhibition series

    European Central Bank, Francfort (Germany)
    September 12th - December 13th

  • 9th Photographic Biennal

    Photographic Mediterrannean Center - Espace Saint-Jacques, Bonifacio
    July 2nd - 24th

  • Collective II

    Art Bärtschi & Cie, Geneva (Switzerland)
    June 25th - August 31rst info

  • Cloud

    Reattu Museum, Arles
    May 15th - October 30th info

  • Water and Dreams

    Jumieges' Abbey, Jumieges
    April 25th - Ocotber 31rst info

  • Museum Of Tokyo Collection

    Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo (Japan)
    April 13th - June 6th

  • Images of a Territory

    L’imagerie, Lannion
    April 13th - June 8th info

  • Pleasure 2

    RX Gallery, Paris
    April 12th - May 25th

  • The Sentry

    CAPC - Contemporary Art Museum, Bordeaux
    February 28th - December 8th info

  • Mediterranean Reflections - The Regards de Provence Collection

    Regards de Provence Museum, Marseille
    February 28th - March 31rst info

  • Collection 3

    Claire Gastaud Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand
    February 2nd - April 27th info

  • Mechanisms

    CAPC, Châtellerault
    January 18th - April 4th info

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  • Photo Phnom Penh 2012

    Personal Exhibition and In-situ installations, Catalogue
    French Institute and France Ambassy, Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
    8 - 13 décembre info

  • European Heritage Days - Saint-Paul's Prison

    Saint Paul's Prison, Lyon
    15 et 16 septembre 2015 info

  • European Heritage Days - Chanterie Mansion

    Chanterie Mansion, Clermont-Ferrand
    September 15th & 16th infos

  • Façade 2012

    In-situ Installation
    Façade 2012 - Art & Architecture Event, Middelburg (Nederlands)
    August 17th - November 18th info

  • Georges Rousse

    Nijmegen University, Nijmegen (Nederlands)
    March 22nd - May 20th

  • Georges Rousse in Chambord

    Solo Exhibition, in-situ Installations and Catalogue
    Château de Chambord, Chambord
    March 11th - May 22nd info

  • Georges Rousse in the French Institute - Romain Gary

    Personal Exhibition and In-situ installations
    East Jerusalem French Institute - Romain Gary, East Jerusalem (Israel)
    March 6 - 31rst


  • Skipping Stones

    Théâtre des Bergeries, Noisiel
    December 1rst - February 9th, 2013

  • Photography in France 1950-2000

    Maison Européenne de la Photographie (European Center for Photography), Paris
    November 14th - January 13th, 2013 info

  • Liebe, Tod und Teufel - J+C Mairet Collection

    Kunsthalle von der Heydt, Wuppertal (Germany)
    November 11th - February 3rd, 2013 info

  • Raum / Räume

    Springer Gallery, Berlin
    October 20th - January 12th, 2013

  • Art & Entreprise #1 - Geotech Collection

    Barnoud Gallery - Entrepot 9, Dijon
    October 19th - February 2nd 2013 info

  • Burgos, Marca de Fábrica

    Centro de Arte - Caja de Burgos (Espagne)
    Septembre 28th - January 13th, 2013 info

  • Anamorphoses

    Galerie Verdeau, Paris
    September 27th - November 10th info

  • Changing Perspective - 15 years of the E.C.B. Collection

    European Central Bank, Francfort (Allemagne)
    September 13th - November 13th

  • Topografías de la Memoria (Topography of Memory)

    Centro de Fotografía, Isla De Tenerife (Spain)
    June 29th - November 11th

  • Collective I

    Art Bärtschi & Cie, Geneva (Switzerland)
    June 26th -  August 31rst info

  • Malerei in Fotografie - Strategien der Aneignung (Painting in Photographie : an attempt of appropriation)

    Stædel Museum, Francfort (Germany)
    June 7th - September 23rd

  • Das Prinzip des Seriellen (The Principle of Series)

    Galerie Springer, Berlin (Germany)
    April 28th - May 12th

  • The French Connection

    Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
    March 16th - July 22nd

  • 100XFrance - French Photographs

    Historical Museum, Minsk (Russia)
    March 1rst - 25th

    Roumiantsev-Paskevitch Palace, Gomel (Russia)
    March 29th - April 29th

  • Philippe Piguet Collection

    Contemporary Art Centre, Saint-Restitut
    February 25th - April 22nd •  June 22nd - August 26th

  • An Orchestrated Vision - The Theater of Contemporary Photography

    Saint Louis Art Museum, Saint-Louis (United States)
    February 19th - May 13th

  • A Story of Edition

    Engraving and printed Image Centre, La Louvière (Belgium)
    January 28th - April 29th info

  • Pleasure

    RX Gallery, Paris
    January 19th - March 10th info

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  • Georges Rousse

    Fine Arts Museum, Bourgoin-Jallieu
    November 24th - January 22nd

  • Drawings & Photographs

    Claire Gastaud Gallery, Clermont-Ferrand
    November 18th - December 31rst info

  • Architectural Palimpsest

    Cultural Patrimonial Fair - CTC
    Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
    November 3rd - 6th info

  • Installation on the Museum of Mankind's construction site

    Museum of Mankind, Paris
    October 2011 info

  • Regards de Provence

    Sanitary Station, Marseille
    September 1rst - 6th info

  • Installation in the Château

    Le Château, Châsse-sur-Rhône
    June 13th - 17th

  • Interferenz (Interference)

    Unterwegs Theater, Heidelberg (Germany)
    June 1rst - 7th info

  • Georges Rousse in CAD

    Center for Advertising and Design, Brussels (Belgium)
    May 2011

  • Construction/Deconstruction

    French Cultural Center, Jerusalem (January)

    French Cultural Center, Nablus (February)

    Cultural Exchange Association, Hebron (March)

    French Cultural Center, Ghaza (April)

    French-German Cultural Center, Ramallah (May)

    Alliance Française, Bethleem (Juillet)


  • Here is Nice

    Le 109 - Art Center, Nice
    December 8th - January 9th, 2012

  • People and the city, Unicredit Art collection

    Winzafod Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow (Russia)
    October 21rst - December 4th

  • Urban Mythologies - Societe Generale's Collection

    MAMAC - Contemporary Art Museum, Nice
    September 17th - December 11th

  • Midi-Pyrenees FRAC Collection

    Le Majorat, Villeneuve-Tolosane
    September 3rd - October 13th

  • What if Space was only an Inner Dimension

    Contemporary Art Center, Meymac
    July 9th - October 9th info

  • Color first

    MAMAC - Modern and Contemporary Museum, Nice
    June 25th - November 27th

  • Spring of Contemporary Art - Selection from the Photography Collection

    Vacances Bleues Entreprise Foundation, Marseille
    May 13th - 18th

  • The Photographic Object : a Perpetual Invention

    Maison Européenne de la Photographie (European Center for Photography), Paris
    April 20th - June 19th

  • Panorama on 20 years of a Collection

    Espace Diamant, Ajaccio
    March 24th - May 5th

  • Contemporary Drawings & The Philippe Piguet Collection

    Fine Art Museum, Toulon
    March 5th - May 29th

  • The Castle

    CAPC - Contemporary Art Museum, Bordeaux
    February 10th - November 3rd

  • A Story of an Edition

    Centre de la gravure et de l’image imprimée, La Louvière (Belgique)
    28 janvier - 29 avril

    Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nancy
    3 mars - 30 mai

    Chapelle du Méjean, Arles
    7 octobre - 1er janvier 2012


  • (I+E)2 Colleción Caja de Burgos

    Centro de Arte - Caja de Burgos, Burgos (Spain)
    January 28th - May 1rst

  • Suspended Words

    FRAC Auvergne, Cournon
    January 25th - February 15th


  • Architecture / Drawings / Utopia

    Contemporary Art Museum (MNAC), Bucarest (Romania)
    January 24th - April 24th

  • Made to Measure

    Réattu Museum, Arles
    January 22nd - December 31rst

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  • El Mundo Illustrado (The World Illustrated)

    Personal Exhibition and in-situ Installation, Catalogue
    Centro de Arte - Caja de Burgos, Burgos (Espagne)
    February 5th - May 16th info

  • Unique Locations

    Personal Exhibition, Booklet
    Photography and Image Theater (T.P.I), Nice
    February 27th - May 16th info

  • Nice 2009 (Chéret)

    In-situ Installation, Booklet
    Fine Art Museum, Nice
    February 27th - May 16th info

  • Architectures

    Personal Exhibition, Catalogue
    Roger-Quillot Art Museum, Clermont-Ferrand
    May 11th - September 5th info

  • The Lux Formula

    In-situ Installation
    Saint-Charles Chapel, Avignon
    June 26th - October 17th info

  • Alpilles 2010

    In-situ Installation, Catalogue
    AP'art Festival, Alpilles' Castle, Saint-Rémy de Provence
    July 8th - 13th info

  • Georges Rousse in Paraty

    Exhibition and in-situ Installation
    6th Paraty Em Foco Festival, Paraty (Brazil)
    September 15th - 19th info

  • Peregrinations

    Personal Exhibition
    Catherine Putman Gallery, Paris
    November 6th - January 15th, 2011 info

  • Architectures

    Personal Exhibition
    RX Gallery, Paris
    November 12th - January 15th


  • Célébration

    FRAC - Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand
    January 30th - May 9th info

  • Special Effects in Contemporary Art

    Kunsthalle - Art Center, Wilhelshaven (Allemagne)
    March 28th - May 30th info

  • The Story of French Photography Through 100 Photographs

    Syktyvar • Lakoutsk • Khabarovsk (Russia)

  • Already 20 years!

    Bärtschi Gallery, Geneva
    may 20th - July 16th info

  • Built Images. Plastician Photography

    Etrave Gallery, Thonon-Les-Bains
    July 3rd - September 26th info

  • The Ocean

    Bellevue Palace, Biarritz
    July 9th - October 3rd info

  • 15th Anniversary of the Arsenal

    Fine Arts Museum, Soissons
    September 18th - November 7th infos

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    FRAC Aquitaine, Bordeaux
    October 1rst - December 31rst info

  • The Wide Spaces

    Lille 3000, The Museum of Fine Arts, Lille
    October 9th - January 10th, 2011 info

  • The Modern City

    Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg
    October 15th - January 15th, 2011

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  • Reckermann Gallery

    Koln (Germany)

  • Art Center

    Anglet (France) Booklet

  • French Thai cultural festival

    Bangkok Installation

  • French Thai cultural festival

    Patrimonio (France)

  • Fine Art Museum

    Calais (France) Installation, Catalog

  • Vilnius, european capital of culture


  • Fine Art Museum

    Louviers (France) Installation, Catalog

  • Guy Bärtschi Gallery


  • Springer & Winckler Gallery


  • Cultural center Una Volta

    Bastia (France) Catalog


  • 100XFrance-Photographies françaises

    House of Sampoerna &CCCL, Surabaya (Indonesia) • Art Center, Taipei • Fine Art Museum, Fukuoka (Japan)

  • Métamorphose

    Fabrique culturelle, Casablanca, Morocco Catalog, DVD

  • Vide et plénitude

    Korean cultural Center, Paris Catalog

  • La sculpture dans la lumière - une épopée photographique 1839 – 2009

    Parc de Sceaux

  • Dans l'œil du critique - Bernard Lamarche Vadel et les artistes

    City Museum of modern Art, ParisCatalog

  • Chambres d’écho

    Réattu Museum, Arles Catalogue

  • Ecriture & Abstraction

    RX Gallery, Paris

  • Invenção de um mundo, Coleção da Maison Européenne de la Photographie

    Institut Itaú Cultural, São Paulo Catalog

  • No man’s land

    French Embassy, Tokyo

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  • European House of Photography - MEP

    Paris Monograph

  • RX Gallery


  • Fine arts museum


  • Johyun Gallery


  • Johyun Gallery

    Busan (Korea) installation

  • French cultural Center of Cambodia

    Phnom Penh

  • Fine Arts Museum

    Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

  • National Museum of Medieval and Modern art

    Matera (Italy)


  • Absens

    Works in situ, Meessen - De Clercq Gallery, Bruxelles Installation

  • Kulczyk Foundation

    Poznan (Pologne)

  • Signs of existence

    Fine arts museum, Buenos Aires Catalog - Fine arts museum, Neuquén (Argentina)

  • People and Places : Selections from the Allen Thomas Jr. Photography Collection

    Southeastern Center for Contemporary, Art Winston-Salem NC (USA)

  • 100 X France - French Photography

    Ayale Museum, Manila • Kyungsung University, Busan (Korea) • Month of Photography, Queen's Gallery, Bangkok • French Cultural Center, Phnom Penh • College of Fine Arts, Hanoi • French Cultural Center, Hue (Vietnam) • National Gallery of Indonesia, Yogyakarta 'Indonesia) • National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta • Bandung Gallery and ITB, Soemardja • Bali Art Center, Bali (Indonesia)

  • The Great crossing : Photographic Horizons

    Museum, Rimouski . Museum, Gaspe • Champlain House, Brouage • Museum, La Rochelle • Museum, Bas-Saint)Laurent • Fine Arts Museum of Quebec (Quebec)

  • Turning Point : The Demise of Modernism and the Rebirth of Meaning in American Art

    Brigham Young University, Provo UT (USA)

  • Six Masterpieces

    Springer and Winckler gellery, Berlin

  • Urbanities

    Gallery les filles du calvaire, Paris

  • New presentation of drawings and photography

    Museum of Modern and contemporary art (MAMCS), Strasbourg

  • At the very beginning of the eighties ...

    Art center, Thonon-les-Bains

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  • Fotorio

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Installation

    Amilly (France) Catalog

  • Installation

    Alten Hallenbad, Heidelberg (Allemagne)

  • Art Center

    Blanc-Mesnil (France) Installation, Booklets

  • In Camera gallery


  • Installation

    La Noche en Blanco Madrid

  • Month of photography

    French institute and City gallery, Bratislava Catalog

  • Art center (Palacio Galveias)

    Lisbon Installation, Catalog

  • ST- art, Contemporary art fair

    Strasbourg (France) Catalog


  • The love of light - Photography in 20th and 21st century

    Fine arts museum, Bochum (Germany)

  • Sharp and furtive

    Fine arts Museum, Saint-Denis (France) Catalog

  • Fabric(s)of the place

    Agart gallery, Amilly Catalog

  • Signs of existence

    Contemporary art museum (MAC), Santiago Catalog

  • Of their time (2), Contemporary art and private collections in France

    Fine arts Museum, Grenoble (France) Catalog

  • New Acquisitions

    Reattu museum, Arles

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  • Art Center

    Malakoff (France) Installation

  • Altxerri Gallery

    San Sebastian (Spain)

  • Reckermann gallery

    Koln (Germany)

  • Réattu museum

    Arles (France) Installation, Catalog

  • Installations

    Durham NC (USA)

  • Elisabeth and Klaus Thoman Gallery

    Innsbruck (Austria)

  • European month of Photography

    Lucien Schweitzer gallery, Luxembourg Installation, Catalog, Booklet

  • Art Center (SESC Paulista)

    Sao Paulo Installation

  • Catherine Putman Gallery


  • Foundation Ersel

    Turin (Italy) Catalog


  • The age of metamorphosis European Art Highlights

    Museum of Modern Art (MOCA), Shanghai Catalog

  • Destiny Santiago

    Cervantes Institute Berlin - Sofia - Prague Catalog

  • To love Architecture

    Ciocca contemporary art center, Milan

  • To Reinvent the visible

    Art center, Erfurt (Germany) Catalog

  • Profiles - 15 years of artistic creation in France

    Pera Museum, Istanbul, Catalog - Benaki museum, Athens Catalog

  • Destiny

    Galician contemporary art center (CGAC), Santiago (Spain)

  • Signs of existence

    Central China Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Catalog

  • Interior Space, PHOTO-ESPANA

    Art center (Consejeria de las Artes) Madrid Installation, Catalog

  • Portrait of a collection: IDEA

    Museum of photography, Charleroi (Belgium)

  • The love of light, Photography in 20th and 21st century

    Art Museum, Celle - Art Center, Delmenhorst (Germany) Catalog

  • Contemporary art biennial

    Seine-Saint-Denis (France) Installation, Catalog

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  • Universal exhibition

    French pavilion, Nagoya (Japan) Installation, Catalog

  • Installations

    Bhaktapur (Népal)

  • Photographic art center (Pôle image)

    Rouen (France), Installation, Booklet

  • Museum

    Soissons (France) Installation, Catalog

  • Installation

    "La Nuit Blanche" Paris-Les Lilas

  • Art center

    Les Lilas (France)

  • Art center

    Vitré (France) Installation

  • Reckermann Gallery

    Koln (Germany)

  • Trinta gallery

    Santiago (Spain)


  • Paris of photographers

    Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou - Tian Yi Pavilion, Ning Bo - Fine arts institute, Hubei, Wuhan - History museum, Hong-Kong - National Art Museum of China, Beijing (China) Catalog

  • Paris in Shanghai

    Fine arts museum, Shanghai (China) Catalog

  • XL, Photographic collection

    Arles, Catalog

  • A few history, a few painting

    Contemporary art institute, Villeurbanne (France)

  • The Collection XII

    Art Museum ( MuHKA) Antwerp (Belgium)

  • In a field of stars

    Noirlac Abbey, Bruére-Allichamps (France)

  • ManifesTO

    Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin (Italy)

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  • University contemporary art gallery

    Toulouse (France) Installation, Booklet, Conference acts

  • Photographic art center (L'Imagerie)

    Lannion (France) Installation

  • Festival « Transphotographiques 4 »

    House of photography, Lille (France)Installation, Catalog

  • Festival « Transphotographiques 4 »

    Hainaut hospital, Valenciennes (France)

  • Contemporary art center

    Colmar (France) Installation

  • Photo & co gallery

    Turin (Italy)

  • Lafayette College Art Gallery

    Easton PA (USA) Installation


  • Transfigured Space

    Foundation for contemporary art, Toulouse (France) Booklet

  • Photobiennal

    Moscow Catalog

  • Goblins Manufactory


  • « Contempor'art »

    Palazzo Bonoris, Brescia (Italy)

  • Green sun (alarm system)

    Fine arts museum, Clermont-Ferrand (France)

  • Monumental - Anachronism

    FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims (France)

  • Transparencies - itineraries

    Hohwald (France) Installation

  • A choice of contemporary prints

    foundation Louis Moret, Martigny (Switzerland)

  • landscape after the battle

    La Panera Art center, Lleida (Spain) Catalog

  • Paris of photographers

    Art center, Magdeburg (Germany) Catalog

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  • French Institute

    Casablanca Installation

  • Art center

    Russelsheim (Germany) Installation, Booklet

  • Guy BärtschI Gallery

    Geneva Installation

  • Festival « La quinzaine photogaphique»

    Fine arts school gallery, Nantes (France) Installation, Booklet

  • Reckermann gallery Koln

    Cologne (Germany) Installation

  • Carles Taché gallery

    Barcelona (Spain) Installation, Catalog

  • Springer & Winckler gallery


  • Fine arts museum

    Châteauroux(France) Installation, Catalog


  • Arles and The Photography

    Foundation Maeght, Saint-Paul de Vence (France)

  • Excentric architecture

    Koldo Mitxelena art center, San Sebastian (Spain) Installation, Catalog

  • Crossed glances

    Foundation for Contemporary art Daniel and Florence Guerlain, Les Mesnuls (France) Catalog

  • Who is afraid of red, yellow and blue?

    Art center, Tanlay (France) Catalog

  • Made in Paris

    David Gill Gallery, London

  • Photographic festival

    Pau (France)

  • Contemporary Spaces Underlying Culture

    Brigham Young University Museum of Art, Provo (USA)

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  • Foundation for Contemporary art Claudine and Jean Marc Salomon

    Alex (France) Installation, Catalog

  • FOTOFEST Month of Photography

    Houston (USA) Installations, Catalog

  • Spectrum Soto gallery

    Saragossa (Spain)

  • Maria Martin gallery

    Madrid Installation

  • Contemporary art center

    Rouillé (France) Installation, Catalog

  • Robert Mann gallery

    New York Catalog

  • Art center

    Orleans (France) Installation, Booklet

  • Art center

    Metz(France) Installation

  • Images - Month of Photography

    Huesca (Spain) Catalog

  • Art center

    Meisenthal and Lichtenberg (France) Installation, Booklet

  • Graff gallery

    Montreal Installation

  • FIAC - Guy Bärtschi gallery

    Paris Catalog

  • Reckermann gallery

    Koln (Germany)


  • Doublure

    FRAC Haute-Normandie, Sotteville-les-Rouen(France)

  • Singular exuberance

    House of culture, Amiens (France)

  • Works for living with

    Les Abattoirs museum, Toulouse (France)

  • 25 years of photography

    La Lonja, Saragossa (Spain) Catalog

  • Photographic festival

    Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest Catalog

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  • Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

    Tokyo Installation, Catalog

  • Reckermann gallery

    Koln (Germany)

  • Château d'eau gallery

    Toulouse (France) Catalog

  • Fine arts museum

    Montpellier (France) Installation, Catalog

  • Springer & Winckler gallery

    Berlin Installation

  • French Institute

    Istanbul, Installation

  • Fine arts museum

    Bernay (France)


  • From a space to an other FRAC

    Avignon (France)

  • Silent stories

    Steinek gallery, Vienne (Austria)

  • In the field of stars, the photographers and the sky

    Hanlim Museum, Seoul

  • François Loriot, Chantal Melia and Georges Rousse

    art center, Thouars (France) Catalog

  • « Figuration libre »

    Le Carré d'Art art center, Nîmes (France)

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  • Photo & co gallery

    Turin (Italy)

  • Jenoptik gallery

    Jena (Germany) Installation, Catalog

  • Galician center of Contemporary art (CGAC)

    Santiago (Spain) Installation, Catalog

  • Guy Bärtschi gallery


  • Sungkok museum

    Seoul Installation, Catalog


  • Hanshin art project

    Senri Museum, Osaka (Japan)

  • Photographic collection

    Château d'eau gallery, Toulouse (France) Catalog

  • French Collection

    Barbican Art Gallery, London Catalog

  • Impregnable view on the stage

    FRAC Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand(France)

  • Oscillation fields

    art center (CESAC) Caraglio (Italy)

  • Visions of cities

    Sciences and technology University, Lille - USTL Culture, Villeneuved'Ascq (France)

  • Time in a tumbler

    Robert Mann Gallery, New York Catalog

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  • Springer & Winckler gallery


  • Art center (Le Rectangle)

    Lyon(France) Installation, Catalog

  • Mercian art museum

    Karuizawa (Japan) Installation, Catalog, Booklet

  • City Hall

    Clichy(France) Catalog

  • Installations

    House of People, Clichy (France) Booklet

  • Museum of Photography (MOPA)

    San Diego CA (USA) Booklet

  • City Hall

    Turin (Italy) Installation

  • Compagnia di Belle Arti gallery



  • Fine Art photography from France

    City Museum, Zwickau - Art center, Hall (Germany)

  • European Central Bank

    Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Games and simulacra

    National art museum Reina Sofia, Madrid Catalog

  • « Sélest'art » contemporary art Biennial

    Sélestat (France) Catalog

  • Souvenir Utopia

    City House, Ulm (Germany) Catalog

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  • Durand-Dessert gallery


  • Carles Taché gallery

    Barcelona (Spain)

  • Reckermann gallery

    Koln (Germany)

  • Modern and contemporary art museum (MAMAC)

    Nice (France) Installation Catalog

  • Art center (Embarcadero Palace)

    Santander (Spain) Catalog

  • Art center



  • Around the collections

    Fine arts museum, Toulon (France)

  • Art photography from France

    Art center Berlin - City Gallery, Goppingen (Germany) Catalog

  • Private fictions, public collections

    Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona (Spain)

  • Ludwig Museum

    Koblenz (Germany)

  • Five continents and a city

    Ciudad museum, Mexico Catalog

  • The signs of alphabet

    Foundation La Caixa - Lleida - Girona - Tarragona - Granollers (Spain) Catalog

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  • Elysee Museum

    Lausanne (Switzerland)

  • Guy Bärtschi gallery


  • Graff gallery


  • Art center

    Konstanz (Germany)

  • Springer & Winckler gallery

    Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Photo & Co gallery

    Turin (Italy)


  • Transformation of a place

    Art center, Vienna Booklet

  • Collection - Discovering

    Contemporary art museum, Bordeaux (France)

  • Anamorphosis, arcimboldesque and specular images

    UQAM gallery, Montreal, Catalog

  • Photography now

    National Library, Paris

  • Paris of Photographers 1905-1997

    Bunkamura Museum of Art, Tokyo - National Museum of Art, Osaka (Japan)

  • Modern art museum (MUMOK)

    Vienna (Autria)

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  • Duchamp gallery

    Yvetot(France) Installation

  • Reckermann gallery

    Koln (Germany)

  • Art and history museum

    Ashiya (Japan)

  • Barcelona contemporary art museum (MACBA)

    Barcelona (Spain) Booklet

  • International center of mural Art

    Saint-Savin (France) Installation, Booklet

  • « Aux Bons-Enfants »

    Public art, Paris Catalog

  • Art Center

    Miramas (France) Catalog, Booklet

  • French Institute

    Fukuoka (Japan)


  • Collections

    European House of Photography (MEP), Paris Catalog

  • The limits of photography

    Fine arts museum, Santiago - Bank Patricios Foundation, Buenos Aires Catalog

  • Ich Phoenix -Triennale

    Oberhausen (Allemagne) Catalog

  • Triennal

    Oberhausen (Germany) Catalog

  • The limits of photography

    Pompeia Cultural center (SESC), Sao Paulo Catalog

  • Guy Bärtschi gallery

    Geneva Catalog

  • Transition

    Farideh Cadot gallery, Paris Catalog

  • Sketches

    Contemporary art museum, Montreal

  • Monument and Modernity

    Electra Art center, Paris Catalog

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  • Art center

    Choisy (France) Catalog

  • Art center (La Ferme du Buisson)

    Noisiel (France) Catalog

  • Art center

    Gennevilliers (France) Catalog

  • Sandmann and Haak Gallery

    Hanover (Germany)

  • Photographic art center

    Pontault-Combault(France) Catalog

  • Art Basel 95

    Reckermann Gallery Basel (Swizerland)

  • Guy Bärtschi Gallery

    Geneva Catalog

  • Missokhan Gallery

    Kobe (Japan) Catalog

  • Durand-Dessert Gallery



  • Contemporary Collections

    National Museum of modern art, Paris

  • Plural Architectures

    De Janostra Cultural art center, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) Catalog

  • 45° North & Longitude 0

    Capc Contemporary art museum, Bordeaux (France)

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  • Ludwig Museum

    Koblenz (Germany) Installation, Booklet

  • Springer & Winckler gallery

    Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Contemporary Art Center (CREDAC)

    Ivry-sur Seine(France)Catalog

  • Austerlitz Station

    Paris Catalog

  • Contemporary Art Center

    Juvisy (France) Catalog

  • Contemporary Art Center

    Brétigny (France) Catalog

  • Fine arts museum

    Metz (France) Catalog


  • Art in France - 1970-1993

    Modern Art gallery, Bologna (Italy) Catalog

  • CAPC Collection

    Koldo Mixelena art center, San Sebastian (Spain) Catalog

  • The photographic intention

    Contemporary Art Center, Arles (France)

  • Paper and other, artists books

    Contemporary art museum Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italy) Catalog

  • In memory

    Closter museum, Tulle (France)

  • Images and Ideas

    Museum, Granollers (Spain) Catalog

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  • Art center

    Dax (France)

  • Barbaro Gallery


  • Contemporary art center

    Saint-Priest (France)

  • European center of young creation

    Strasbourg (France) Catalog

  • National museum of modern art

    Paris Catalog

  • Art Center (OFAC)

    La Flèche (France)

  • Reckermann gallery

    Koln (Germany)


  • The Hostages and the light

    National Gallery, Athens

  • Bright Light

    Presteneck castle, Stuttgart (Germany) Catalog

  • International « rencontres » of Photography

    Arles (France)

  • From Brancusi to Boltanski

    Castello di Rivoli, Turin (Italy)

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  • In Liberty

    Musée de la Ville, Kawasaki (Japon) Catalog - Musée d'Art Moderne, Mexico. Musée d'Art Contemporain, Nouvelle-Orléans (USA) Catalog

  • 13 critiques, 26 photographes

    Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelone (Espagne) Catalog

  • Variations Gitane

    Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

  • Arrêt sur viaduc

    EPAD - La Défense, Paris Catalog

  • Atelier de France - Kunst aus Frankreich seit 1950

    Ludwig Museum, Coblence (Allemagne) Catalog

  • Deuxième Internationale Photo - Triennale

    Esslingen (Allemagne) Catalog

  • Les mots et l'espace

    FRAC PACA, Marseille Catalog

  • Confluence 92

    Calcutta (Inde) Catalog

  • photography Française - la décennie créative 1980-1990

    Métropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo Catalog

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  • Musée d'Art Contemporain

    Ein Arod (Israël)

  • Musée

    Arad (Israël)

  • Galerie Farideh Cadot


  • Mois de la photography

    Bratislava (Tchécoslovaquie) Catalog


  • Objectifs 68-88

    Centre Culturel Français, Berlin - Musée, Brno - Galerie Kramar, Prague - Institut Français, Bratislava

  • Kunstregion Süd Frankreich

    Commanderie Van Saint Jean, Nimwegen (Pays-Bas) - Victor-Hugo-Halle, Luxembourg

  • La photography Contemporaine Française

    ICP (International Center of Photography), New York

  • Les années 80, mouvements et individualités

    MAMAC (Musée d'art Moderne et Contemporain), Nice

  • Dessin d'une collection

    FRAC Picardie, Reims Catalog

  • Divergence

    Galerie Nationale Slovaque, Bratislava - Karolinum, Prague Catalog

  • Kunst Europa

    Kunstverein, Kircheim unter Teck (Allemagne) Catalog

  • Opera dalla collezione

    Musée d'Art Contemporain Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italie) Catalog

  • New spaces of photography

    Musée d'architecture, Wroclaw (Pologne) Catalog

  • photography - Sculpture

    Centre National de la photography, Paris Catalog

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  • Galerie Farideh Cadot


  • Galerie Reckermann

    Cologne (Allemagne)

  • Théâtre Municipal

    Tulle Artist book

  • Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain

    Tel-Aviv Catalog


  • Une collection pour la Grande Arche

    La Défense, Paris Catalog

  • Reorienting Looking East

    Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (Grande-Bretagne) - Galerie Nicola Jacobs, Londres Catalog

  • D'un art, l'autre

    1ère Biennale Internationale, Marseille Catalog

  • Objectifs 68-88

    Kinocentre, Moscou - Alliance Française, Miskolc (Hongrie) - Centre Culturel Français, Berlin - Musée de Brno (Tchécoslovaquie) - Galerie Kramar, Prague - Institut Français, Bratislava (Tchécoslovaquie)

  • Kunstregion Süd Frankreich

    Kunstverein, Baden - Museum Mülheim, Ruhr - Stadt Museum, Siegburg - Leopold Lloesch Museum, Düren (Allemagne) Catalog

  • French Spring

    Galerie Nationale d'Art Moderne d'Ecosse, Edimbourgh (Grande-Bretagne) Catalog

  • A Fotografia Actual em Francia

    Fondation Gubelkian, Lisbonne Catalog

  • Images in Transition

    National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (Japon) - National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Catalog

  • photography, de la réclame à la publicité

    Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris

  • La collection des œuvres photographiques 1983-1990

    Musée, La Roche-sur-Yon Catalog

  • Kontexte

    Bädischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (Allemagne) Catalog

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  • Galerie Michael Haas

    Berlin Booklet

  • Pavillon d'Art Contemporain

    Milan Catalog

  • Galerie Farideh Cadot

    New York


    Marseille Catalog

  • Musée du Périgord



  • L'œil de la lettre

    Centre National de la photography, Paris Catalog

  • Passé, présent - Récits et Méandres

    FRAC PACA, Marseille Catalog

  • Vive le nouveau Musée

    Palais des beaux-arts, Charleroi (Belgique)

  • Nos années 80

    Fondation Cartier, Jouy-en-Josas Catalog

  • L'invention d'un art

    Musée National d'Art Moderne, Paris Catalog

  • Fusionen

    Hochhaus, Leverkusen (Allemagne) Catalog

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  • Cambridge Darkroom

    Cambridge (Grande-Bretagne)

  • Galerie Farideh Cadot

    New York

  • Institut Français

    Innsbruck (Autriche) Catalog

  • Die Kunst Messe

    Hambourg (Allemagne)

  • Mois de la Photo

    Hôtel de Sully, Paris Catalog et monographie

  • Galerie Farideh Cadot



  • Art or Nature 20 th Century French Photography

    Barbican Art Gallery, Londres Catalog

  • Aperto 88

    XLIII° Biennale, Venise (Italie) Catalog

  • Collection - Accrochage N°4

    Le Nouveau Musée, Villeurbanne

  • Das gläserne Uboot

    Krems (Autriche) Catalog

  • Europa oggi

    Musée d'art contemporain Luigi Pecci, Prato (Italie) Catalog

  • Les Artistes Français au Japon

    Hillside Terrace, Tokyo Catalog - Seibu Muséun of Art, Takanawa (Japon) Catalog

  • Dannunziana

    Université Gabriele d'Annunzio, Pescara (Italie) Catalog

  • L'art moderne à Marseille

    Musée Cantini, Marseille Catalog

  • The photography on the Edge

    Haggerty Museum, Wisconsin (USA)

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  • Dolly Fiterman Gallery

    Minneapolis (USA)

  • Contemporary art center

    Castres (France) Catalog

  • Claudio Guenzani


  • Arnolfini Gallery

    Bristol (Great -Britain)

  • The Third Eye Centre

    Glasgow (Great -Britain) Catalog

  • Farideh Cadot gallery


  • Riverside Studio


  • Fine arts Museum

    Saragossa (Spain) Catalog


  • Hanging

    National museum of modern art, Paris

  • Blow-up

    Art center, Stuttgart - Berlin - Hamburg - Frankfurt - Bonn (Germany) - Luzern (Switzerland) Catalog

  • 9 French artists - 87

    Contemporary art museum, Madrid Catalog - Art center, Valencia (Spain) Catalog - Grenade University (Spain) - Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon Catalog - Art modern museum, Porto (Portugal) - Art modern museum, Toulouse (France)

  • Color of Time

    FRAC Champagne-Ardennes, Reims (France) Catalog

  • Photographs

    Anina Nosei gallery, New York

  • 8 contemporary French artists

    Art center, Ludwigsburg (Germany) - FRAC Rhône - Alpes, Lyon (France)

  • Emerging Artists 1978-1996

    Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Catalog

  • The Spiral of Artificiality

    Halwalls, Buffalo NY (USA) Catalog

  • Collections

    Art museum (MuKha), Antwerp (Belgium)

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  • International « Rencontres » of Photography

    Arles (France) Catalog

  • Farideh Cadot gallery

    New York


  • French Art - Positions

    BIG, Berlin Catalog

  • On the walls

    Cartier Foundation, Jouy-en-Josas (France) Catalog

  • Pictura Loquens - 25 years of art in France

    Villa Arson, Nice (France) Catalog

  • Photographic territory, Photographed Geography

    Fine arts museum, Chartres (France) Catalog

  • Composed images

    Fine arts museum, Angers (France) Catalog

  • Art in France 1960-1985

    Palazzo Reale, Milan Catalog

  • VII° International Art Biennial

    Pontevedra (Spain) Catalog

  • Happy eternity

    Fine arts museum, Bar-le-Duck (France) Catalog

  • Photography as Performance

    The Photographers Gallery, London Catalog

  • Correspondence Europe

    Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam Catalog

  • Angles of Vision, French Art Today

    Solomon R.Guggenheim, New York Catalog

  • Fine arts Museum


  • Poetics of Space

    Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe NM (USA)

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  • The Quay Gallery

    San Francisco CA (USA)

  • Fine arts museum

    Orleans Catalog

  • Graff gallery

    Montreal Booklet

  • Farideh Cadot gallery



  • Style and chaos

    Luxembourg palace museum, Paris Catalog

  • Twelve French artists in the space

    Seibu Museum, Tokyo Catalog - Ohara Art Museum, Kurashiki (Japan) - Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul Catalog

  • International Photography Today

    Pori art museum, Pori (Finland) Catalog

  • Polaroid workshop

    National museum of modern art, Paris Catalog

  • The eighties

    Closter, Ravenna (Italy) Catalog

  • To like museum

    Capc Contemporary art museum, Bordeaux (France)

  • Moderns and ancients

    National galleries of Grand Palais, Paris Catalog

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  • Grita Insam gallery

    Vienna (Austria)

  • Fine Arts museum

    La Roche-sur-Yon (France) Catalog

  • Michael Haas gallery


  • Halle Sud Art center


  • Anina Nosei Gallery

    New York

  • Farideh Cadot gallery


  • Mendelson Gallery

    Pittsburgh PA (USA)


  • France, a new generation

    City Hall, Paris Catalog

  • New French Painting

    Modern Art Museum, Oxford - John Hansard Gallery, Southampton - Fruitmarket Gallery, Edimbourgh (Great Britain)

  • French Spirit Today

    Fisher Art Gallery USC, Los Angeles CA (USA) - Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla CA (USA) Catalog

  • V° Biennal

    Sidney Catalog

  • Individualities

    National gallery of modern art, Rome - Art center, Capri (Italy) Catalog

  • Perspective 84

    Art Basel, Basel (Switzerland) Catalog

  • The Human Condition

    Biennal III, Modern Art Museum, San Francisco CA (USA) Catalog

  • Contemporary Art at Museum

    Contemporary art center, Nice (France)

  • Content, A Contemporary Focus 1974-1984

    Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC Catalog

  • Fontevraud First workshop

    Royal Abbey, Fontevraud (France) Catalog

  • New acquisitions

    Prints gallery, Geneva

  • Contemporary photography in France

    National museum of modern art, Paris Catalog

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  • Farideh Cadot gallery


  • Nicola Jacobs gallery


  • Contemporary art museum (Capc)

    Bordeaux (France)


  • Selection of the Paris Biennial

    Fine arts museum, Tampere (Finland) - House of arts, Oslo - Fine arts museum, Copenhagen Catalog

  • Imposed Figures

    Art center ( ELAC), Lyon (France)

  • Composed Images

    National museum of Modern art, Paris - Fine arts museum, Nantes (France) - Contemporary art museum, Hasselt (Belgium) Catalog

  • Contemporary art biennial

    Tours (France) Artist book

  • Impress, Trace, Volume

    Augustins Museum, Toulouse (France) Catalog

  • To make paintings and to make photos

    Contemporary art center (ENAC), Nice (France) Catalog

  • Three French Artists

    Zabriskie Gallery, New York

  • Contemporary French art

    Sivori museum, Buenos Aires - National museum, Montevideo - Museum of central Bank, Lima - House of culture, La Paz Catalog

  • Images from France

    Krinzinger gallery, Innsbruck (Austria) - Art center, Frankfurt (Germany) - Nächst St Stephan gallery, Vienna (Austria) Catalog

  • New French Painting

    Riverside Studio, London - Gimpel Fils, London Catalog

  • The new museum

    Villeurbanne (France) Catalog

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  • «A different glance II »

    Farideh Cadot gallery, Paris

  • « Figuration libre » in France

    Contemporary art center (ENAC), Nice (France) Catalog

  • Lamarche - Vadel collection

    Fine arts museum, Poitiers (France) Catalog

  • XXVII° art festival

    Montrouge (France) Catalog

  • Nicola Jacobs gallery


  • Without title - Acquisitions for four years

    Fine arts museum, Toulon (France) Catalog

  • XII° Paris Biennial

    Modern Art museum (MAM), Paris Catalog

  • 10 years in Nice museum

    Art center (ENAC), Nice (France) Catalog

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  • National Library



  • Photographers in the landscape

    Gallery De France, Paris

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